Sea World – Australia

Sea World, in Australia’s Gold Coast, is a large theme park with many rides and aquatic shows and exhibits to provide a great family adventure. The weather makes it a wonderful place for a vacation and the park has much to offer those wanting to learn and those seeking excitement. Thrill seekers will enjoy rides like the and the Corkscrew Roller-coaster and Jet Rescue Roller-coaster:

Sea World, Australia, also offers many educational exhibits and aquatic shows that mix entertainment and education. The options include: Shark Bay, penguin encounters (The Little Blue Penguin is actually found on the Southern Coast of Australia: they are the smallest species of penguin growing to 30-33 cm and 1.5 kg.) and dolphin shows:

Gold Coast provides access to many other vacation activities for the whole family including: Underwater World and Dream World: both of which offer more excitement.