Whitewater World Theme Park, Coomera, Gold Coast, Australia

Whitewater World is the newest water theme park in Austalia’s Gold Coast (it opened in 2006). Located in Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, the water theme park features extreme waterslides for adrenaline seeking individuals and is a family oriented place to relax and have fun.

Whitewater World is open all year round to cater to its patrons attractions with 10 water slides, children’s area and pool. Two of the most excites rides at the park are the Green Room and the Rocket Slide:

The massive Green Room may be the iconic ride in Whitewater World.

Guests hop into a cloverleaf shaped tube which can seat up to 4 persons. The cloverleaf tube accelerates as it navigates through the 75 meter long tunnel and a special 15 meter funnel just before dropping out, literally. Riders are literally thrown in an upper hemisphere and rotate back to back in vertical banks just before the splashdown.

The rocket slide:

Treat yourself to a day of fun in the water at Whitewater World. The park is adjacent (and some rides even overlap) with Dreamworld.

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