Dream World Theme Park Attractions, Queensland

Dreamworld, in Coomera, Queensland offers many attractions to its guests who want to make the most out of their visit in the large theme park.

Illuminate โ€“ if you love lights and lasers, then you love this attraction in Dreamworld. Illuminate is a special night entertainment which features state of the art pyrotechniques and spectacular movement of laser lights dancing with the beat of lively music. The Dreamworld entrance is transformed with laser projections and dancing lights.

AVPX โ€“ Alien vs. Predator โ€“ this is the best spot to go to for guests who love to play like agents on a mission. In this attraction guests will join the battle against the alien creatures in a specially designed simulation environment to give the exact feel of the battle field against the enemies. Guests will be assigned in groups and they need to stay alert and fast in order to survive the game. It is a great, fun game for groups.

photo of rider on the FlowRider at Dream World

FlowRider at Dreamworld by Mark & Danielle

There are many more attractions: Screamworld, V8 Supercars and more. And on top of these, Dreamworld offers many thrill rides, family rides, kids rides and wildlife viewing also. Dreamworld is a large theme park that can keep you entertained for days.

A 1 day pass to Dreamworld is $79. A pass good for 21 calendar days to both Dream World and Whitewater World is just $99.

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