Three Things to Do on a Budget Trip to Brisbane

You’ve decided to travel to the capital of Queensland, Australia, glorious Brisbane, also known as the River City or Australia’s New World City. Surely if you’ve got the budget to rent a villa, there are loads of ways to party and have fun in this populous and vibrant city. But what can you do in Brisbane on a budget? If you’re worried you might get bored, if you imagine that Brisbane is no place for a less costly vacation, allow us to inform you that all your worries end here.

Brisbane tourism is one of the city’s most important sources of income. No wonder, given the impressive number of landmarks scattered all over the city. There are so many parks, rocks, bridges, museums and shopping malls that you’ll have a hard time deciding what to do and where to go first. However, if you’re willing to take our word for it, there are at least three sure fire ways to have fun while in Brisbane on a budget. All three hotspots are listed and described below, to help you plan the perfect stay in Brisbane. Irrespective of the contents of your wallet, of course.

There are perhaps many skeptics that will go, “Right, watching a river flow past… That sounds like fun… Not!” Think again, cynics. The Brisbane River, the longest in south east Queensland is no ordinary course of water. Since tourism is a pivotal aspect of Brisbane economy, you will discover that there are many things to do and sights to see along the course of the river.

photo of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point Cliffs, by Figaro

A popular spot are the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. They might not seem so, but they’re man-made. They were created before the early nineteenth century and comprise Ignimbrite, a type of volcanic rock that is over 220 million years old and dates all the way back to the Triassic period. Those of you who simply like to kick back and admire the view will be happy to discover that the rocks are lit all night via many flood lights. The more adventurous will surely be happy to partake in some rock climbing. There are also several great picnic spots and electric barbecues in the park by the foot of the rocks.

The Riverlife Adventure Center

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Whitewater World Theme Park, Coomera, Gold Coast, Australia

Whitewater World is the newest water theme park in Austalia’s Gold Coast (it opened in 2006). Located in Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, the water theme park features extreme waterslides for adrenaline seeking individuals and is a family oriented place to relax and have fun.

Whitewater World is open all year round to cater to its patrons attractions with 10 water slides, children’s area and pool. Two of the most excites rides at the park are the Green Room and the Rocket Slide:

The massive Green Room may be the iconic ride in Whitewater World.

Guests hop into a cloverleaf shaped tube which can seat up to 4 persons. The cloverleaf tube accelerates as it navigates through the 75 meter long tunnel and a special 15 meter funnel just before dropping out, literally. Riders are literally thrown in an upper hemisphere and rotate back to back in vertical banks just before the splashdown.

The rocket slide:

Treat yourself to a day of fun in the water at Whitewater World. The park is adjacent (and some rides even overlap) with Dreamworld.

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Fraser Island, Australia

Located next to the south coast of Queensland, Australia, Fraser Island is approximately 200 km north of Brisbane. Named after the shipwreck survivor Eliza Fraser, it was added as World Heritage site in 1992. At present, Fraser Island is becoming a popular destination for tourists and is attracting more people to reside in the island.

photo of Fraser Island from the Indian Head

Fraser Island from the Indian Head by <a href=''>Sensenmann</a>.

Geographically speaking, Fraser Island is estranged from the mainland. The northernmost area of the island is called the Sandy Cape where a lighthouse named after the place as operational since 1870 until 1994. Sandy Cape Light was the first operational lighthouse for European permanent settlement. There are more than 100 freshwater lakes found in the island. The well known lake is called Lake McKenzie which is situated in a small town called Eurong. The lake, perches right on top of compact sand, is 100 meter above sea level and is a favorite tourist destination.

Fraser Island is rich with various species. Dingoes, for one, were once very common in the island but are now instinct.

Known to be one of the largest sand island in the world and is considered a World Heritage, Fraser island also houses the biggest rainforest growing in sand. With the biodiversity, tourists will reconnect to nature once they visit the island. Also, roam around the island to visit historical places that have been situated there for a long time since European settlement.

photo of shipwreck on Fraser Island, Australia.

The wreck of the S.S. Maheno on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia by Chavy.

Here are some things to do when in Fraser Island:

  • Whale Watching at Hervey Bay – Considered as the Whale watching capital of Australia, Hervey Bay is the ideal place to admire the natural beauty of humpback whales swimming carelessly in the crystal clear water of the bay. Hervey Bay also offers an easy jump off point from Fraser Island to other nearby islands. With its own domestic airport, Hervey Bay is a perfect getaway for all nature lovers out there.
  • Travel Back in Time in Maryborough – This is one of the oldest city of Queensland where its history is told through the museums, houses and stores.
  • Explore nature – Nature lovers will definitely discover untouched wonders of Fraser Island. Be amazed with the colorful sand dunes, freshwater lakes, crystal clear water of creeks, and vast wildlife animals.
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