Whitewater World: Super Tubes HydroCoaster

Using the latest innovation in terms of theme park slides technology, Whitewater World offers the Super Tubes HydroCoaster. This is one of many great water rides at the Gold Coast Whitewater World.

This is your rollercoaster version of slides. Visitors experience adrenaline pumping slide as they get to the terrifying twists and step drop along the way. The water slide boasts the steepest drop while sliding at a very fast speed. The next 28 seconds of your life will be filled with heart pumping adrenaline rush as you ride in a special raft for two and blasted from an 18 meter high tower in the Super Tubes HydroCoaster.

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Dream World Theme Park Attractions, Queensland

Dreamworld, in Coomera, Queensland offers many attractions to its guests who want to make the most out of their visit in the large theme park.

Illuminate – if you love lights and lasers, then you love this attraction in Dreamworld. Illuminate is a special night entertainment which features state of the art pyrotechniques and spectacular movement of laser lights dancing with the beat of lively music. The Dreamworld entrance is transformed with laser projections and dancing lights.

AVPX – Alien vs. Predator – this is the best spot to go to for guests who love to play like agents on a mission. In this attraction guests will join the battle against the alien creatures in a specially designed simulation environment to give the exact feel of the battle field against the enemies. Guests will be assigned in groups and they need to stay alert and fast in order to survive the game. It is a great, fun game for groups.

photo of rider on the FlowRider at Dream World

FlowRider at Dreamworld by Mark & Danielle

There are many more attractions: Screamworld, V8 Supercars and more. And on top of these, Dreamworld offers many thrill rides, family rides, kids rides and wildlife viewing also. Dreamworld is a large theme park that can keep you entertained for days.

A 1 day pass to Dreamworld is $79. A pass good for 21 calendar days to both Dream World and Whitewater World is just $99.

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Tamborine Rainforest Discovery Walk

Tamborine Rainforest Discovery Walk is a great place to visit if you want to experience the beautiful nature of Australia. This property is 30 acres surrounded with panoramic views and wide selection of Australia’s fauna and flora.

Rainforest Sky Walk

Sky Walk

Sky Walk by Jiggs

The nature adventure starts from the Rainforest Eco Gallery. From the gallery, visitors begin to trek the elevated 300 meter walkway in the middle of the magnificent rainforest. The bridge is designed with heavy duty steel to ensure the safety of guests wandering the rainforest. It is designed to cater even to guests on wheelchair. The walkway starts with elevated area and progressively descends throughout the journey. Some interesting spots along the trek includes rock pools, waterfalls, and butterfly observation.

The highlight of the Rainforest Walk is the area called Cantilever. It is situated 30 meters over a valley which offer breathtaking views of Australia’s rainforest and creek on a bird’s eye view. This is a 40 meter walk and ends once the guests reach The Centre. It takes approximately one hour to complete the trail.

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The Center

The Center is the pit stop for guests who completed the skywalk. This is a modern structure with café to offer guests with refreshments after a long walk. Guests can buy a token from souvenir shops and other merchandise shops inside The Centre.

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Whitewater World Theme Park, Coomera, Gold Coast, Australia

Whitewater World is the newest water theme park in Austalia’s Gold Coast (it opened in 2006). Located in Coomera, Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, the water theme park features extreme waterslides for adrenaline seeking individuals and is a family oriented place to relax and have fun.

Whitewater World is open all year round to cater to its patrons attractions with 10 water slides, children’s area and pool. Two of the most excites rides at the park are the Green Room and the Rocket Slide:

The massive Green Room may be the iconic ride in Whitewater World.

Guests hop into a cloverleaf shaped tube which can seat up to 4 persons. The cloverleaf tube accelerates as it navigates through the 75 meter long tunnel and a special 15 meter funnel just before dropping out, literally. Riders are literally thrown in an upper hemisphere and rotate back to back in vertical banks just before the splashdown.

The rocket slide:

Treat yourself to a day of fun in the water at Whitewater World. The park is adjacent (and some rides even overlap) with Dreamworld.

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Sea World – Australia

Sea World, in Australia’s Gold Coast, is a large theme park with many rides and aquatic shows and exhibits to provide a great family adventure. The weather makes it a wonderful place for a vacation and the park has much to offer those wanting to learn and those seeking excitement. Thrill seekers will enjoy rides like the and the Corkscrew Roller-coaster and Jet Rescue Roller-coaster:

Sea World, Australia, also offers many educational exhibits and aquatic shows that mix entertainment and education. The options include: Shark Bay, penguin encounters (The Little Blue Penguin is actually found on the Southern Coast of Australia: they are the smallest species of penguin growing to 30-33 cm and 1.5 kg.) and dolphin shows:

Gold Coast provides access to many other vacation activities for the whole family including: Underwater World and Dream World: both of which offer more excitement.